Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2012;18(1):54-59.
Published online February 28, 2012.
MTS와 태반추출물을 이용한 관리가 중년여성의 미백 및 미세주름에 미치는 영향
이선영, 리순화
Research Paper : The Effect of Skin Care with Combination of the Placenta Extracts and Microneedle Therapy System on the Improvement of Whitening and Light Wrinkles of Middle-aged Women
Sun Young Lee, Shun Hua Li
The purpose of this study was to investigate the improvement of whitening effect and light wrinkles by microneedle therapy system (MTS) and placenta extracts. The study objects were 24 women with age of 30`s and 40`s, who were divided into 3 groups. The placenta group infiltrated by placenta extracts, the MTS placenta group treated by MTS and placenta extracts, and the placenta subcutaneous injection group given placenta extracts by subcutaneous injection were studying each 8 people respectively. The first step was to cleansing. On the second step, the placenta group was infiltrated by 2 mL of placenta extracts on the face, MTS placenta group was done by rolling on the face for 5 min with placenta extract after the same step of the first group and placenta subcutaneous injection group was given 2 mL of placenta extract by injection. The third step was infiltrated sedation mask for all the experimental groups. The measurement was checked before the treatment, after 6 times treatment, which was measured large pigmentation, small pigmentation, melanin, light wrinkle, erythema, keratin and degree of oil and moisture respectively. As a result, it was considered that both placenta extracts and MTS together were more effective than placenta extracts only or subcutaneous injection, which brought more changeable improvement for large and small pigmentation, melanin, light wrinkle, erythema, keratin, oil and moisture. Conclusively, this study proved the combination treatment of MTS and placenta extracts might have positive effects on whitening and light wrinkles of middle=aged women.
Key Words: Placenta extracts, MTS, Pigmentation, Melanin, Light wrinkle

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