Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2014;20(1):19-29.
Published online February 28, 2014.
헤어미용인의 직무만족과 조직몰입에 대한 임파워먼트의 효과에 관한 연구
이란희, 송연숙
Research Paper : A Study on the Effects of Empowerment on Job Satisfactionsand Organizational Commitments of Hair Artists
Ran Hee Lee, Yeon Sook Song
The study did discussing compositions through theoretical spreads together with these research purposes, and made an analytical model for doing an empirical research. The research model was made by setting up empowerment as an independent variable in the analysis model, and job satisfactions and organizations commitments as the dependent variable. This study recognized about effects of empowerment of hair artists on job satisfactions and organizational commitments. Recognition levels on positions and monthly incomes appeared to be high as the result of analyzing differences of recognitions according to general characteristics. As much as empowerment levels were high, the levels of job satisfactions were come out to be high because empowerment of hair stylists was affecting to significant influences to job satisfactions. Sub-factors of empowerment in hair stylists(meaning, competences, and self-determination) was shown to affect significant influences to job satisfactions, and thus the levels of job satisfactions were displayed high as much as self-decision levels were high. As much as empowerment levels were high, the levels of organizational commitments appeared to be high because empowerment of hair stylists affected significant influences to organizational commitments. Job satisfactions and the route of organizational commitments were proved to affect significant influences in empowerment as the result of doing a path analysis executed for verifying the research model.
Key Words: Empowerment, Hair artists, Organizations commitments, Job satisfaction

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