Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2015;21(3):465-470.
Published online June 30, 2015.
네일아트에 관한 남성의 인식 및 선호도 조사
신규옥, 최혜란, 소영진
Research Paper : A Study on Perception and Preference of Men for the Nail Art
Kyu Ok Shin, Hye Ran Choi, Young Jin So
The main purpose of this project was to investigate the recognition and preferences of men for the female nail art. The research were examined for 300 peoples across the country to target men. The preference of the female nail art was the average agree (31.7%). Had a higher affinity for the round shape nail at any age, especially the teenager was the highest (75.0%) (p <.05). In the case of the color, pastel tone preference shows the highest (43.8%) for the teenager, but the rest age group prefer the nude tones. In the case of the design, basic coloring preference shows the highest (48.1%) for the thirty ages, but the rest age group prefer the gradation. In the case of preference according to the job, all professions selected round shape nail, especially the student``s preference was the highest(69.0%, p<.001). For the professionals, nude tone was the highest (58.3 %). For the design, the preference of the gradation was the highest for all profession, but the gradation (26.3%) and plane art (26.3%) show the same for the self employment. In conclusion, the nail art preference according to the residential district and living style not show the statistically significant different, but round shape, nude tone and gradation were selected by the best choice.
Key Words: Male, Nail art perception, Nail art preference

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