Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2015;21(5):814-819.
Published online October 31, 2015.
피부개선에 미치는 마스크 제형의 영향
엄미선, 류희욱
Research Paper : Effect of the Formulations of Facial Masks on the Improvement of Skin Conditions
Mi Sun Um, Hee Wook Ryu
This study is the test for the analysis of the changes in the skin conditions before and after using gel type, sheet type, and carboxy type facial masks, to see the effects of their different formulations. Gel mask, sheet mask, and carboxy mask that contain ingredients such as 1% of hyaluronic acid, 2% of niacin amide, 0.04% of adenosine were each applied by 7 test subjects and by a total of 21. Skin analysis was conducted to objectively evaluate the changes in the moisture, pores, pigmentation, wrinkles and sebum before and after applying beauty masks for 30 minutes once a week in the test of 8 weeks` duration. As a result, all the three facial masks showed that the moisture increases in proportion to the number of uses(F=91.081, p<0.001) and there was no statistical significant difference according to formulations between them. The wrinkles measurement was shown to decrease since the 5th use(F=5.024, p<0.01) and there was no statistical significant difference according to their formulations. There was no statistically significant difference according to their formulations and the number of uses in the improvements of pigmentation. However, the effect of gel mask has gradually increased compared to before using it. The pores and the sebum didn`t show statistically significant difference depending on the type and the number of uses but the effect of gel and carboxy mask has increased step by step compared to before using them.
Key Words: Skin condition, Facial mask, Moisture, Wrinkle, Pigmentation

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