Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2015;21(5):919-928.
Published online October 31, 2015.
여대생의 지각된 안면피부유형과 피부상태지표 분석
Research Paper : Analysis of Skin Condition Measurement Index and Perceived Facial Skin Type among Female University Students
Hae-jung Chon
This study aims to provide basic data for the reasonable and efficient skin care and rational selection of cosmetics by verifying the relationship between skin condition measurement index and perceived skin type. The subjects of this study were 326 female university students in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province areas. Perception of female university students face dry and sensitive skin types and pigmentation of many inelastic (DSPW) perceived the highest type that found between TEWL and erythema showed the highest. Moisture, TEWL, and melanin were the relating factors in the case of dry/oily perceptions, while TEWL was the relating factor in the case of elastic/inelastic perceptions. In the skin type of dry or oily perceptions, melanin acted as the determining factor, and in the skin type of sensitive/resistant perceptions, erythema acted as the determining factor. The study subjects`` dry/oily perceptions agreed with objective measurement indexes, showing moisture, TEWL, and melanin as the relating factors. However, skin sensitivity, pigmentation, elasticity cognition, and objective measurement indexes showed no significant relation. The provision of education and information is necessary for the right perception of their own skin conditions, and skin care and cosmetics selection should be conducted through proper skin analyses of skin experts.
Key Words: Female, Perceived, Skin type, Index, Relating factor

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