Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2015;21(5):929-938.
Published online October 31, 2015.
남성의 라이프스타일에 따른 외모관리 및 헤어뷰티 소비성향 연구
김명옥, 진용미
Research Paper : Study on Appearance Man`s and Hair Beauty Consumption Disposition along with Male Customers` Lifestyle
Myung-ok Kim, Yong-mi Jin
In modern society, ``baby face`` has become the best compliment. This baby face fever has raised ``appearance management`` fever accordingly. How to manage born appearance young and charming has become an urgent issue. That`s not only about women. If ``Macho style``, which shows off male attraction, was the standard of handsome man until the 80s and 90s, in the 21st century ``pin-up boys`` who are more beautiful than women have become popular in the media, recently, ``Hunnam``, who manages hair and skin better than born appearance with excellent fashion styling, has appealed to the public. verification, depending on their purpose this study to study them for man living in Seoul, Gyeonggi province for influence with the self administered survey was carried out with. This way, when investigating the reason that men are interested in beauty, there`s an expectation for good influence in employment, interview, and marriage due to social atmosphere that the appearance is competitiveness, along with the influence of various media (TV, magazine, internet). Today, when men are increasing who exert investment in appearance, the researcher expects that this research can be helpful for male beauty consumption market, henceforth, by investigating the consuming trendy of appearance management and hair beauty along with male consumers`` lifestyle and the influence on overall beauty market.
Key Words: Male customer, Lifestyle, Appearance management, Hair beauty consuming trend

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