Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(1):128-136.
Published online February 28, 2016.
키토산 처리에 의한 모발 염색성 및 항균성 연구
Research Paper : A Study on Antimicrobial and Hair-Dyeing Properties by Chitosan Treatment
Mi Haw Chang
This study experimented hair-dyeing properties with changes in the type of chitosan, concentration, dyeing time, and dyeing temperature and tested its antimicrobial activity after adding chitosan to acid dyes. According to measurements with three different types of chitosan in terms of molecular weight, dyeing properties improved as molecular weight increased. K/S decreased up to a chitosan concentration of 0.5%. At more than 0.6%, K/S significantly increased, and hair color turned dark red puple. In terms of dyeing time, when 45 minutes passed, hair color dramatically changed in acid dyes without chitosan. In chitosan-treated hair, however, changes in hair color occurred at an elapse of 25 minutes. In other words, chitosan-treated dyes shortened hair-dyeing time as well. In terms of dyeing time by temperature, as the temperature increased, dyeing properties improved in both chitosan-treated hair and chitosan-free hair. However, they continued to increase when the color of chitosan-treated hair was highly superior. For the measurement of color fastness, both wash fastness and color fastness to light were tested. The wash fastness was tested five times. Even though no dyeing difference was found in chitosan-treated hair, large color differences were found in chitosan-free hair as washing frequency increased. According to the measurement of color fastness to light by irradiating UV rays, there were no color changes in the chitosan-treated hair. According to an analysis of antimicrobial properties by dropping chitosan droplets into the acid dye, as chitosan concentration increased, antimicrobial resistance was high with widths.
Key Words: Chitosan, Acid dyes, Color fastness, Wash fastness, Antimicrobial

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