Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(2):263-272.
Published online April 30, 2016.
한국 전통문양을 모티브로 한 남성스타일 제안 연구 -아이론와인딩을 중심으로-
김명옥, 진용미
Research Paper : Study on Proposal of Men`s Styles Using Korean Traditional Patterns as the Motif -Centered on Iron Winding-
Myung Ok Kim, Yong Mi Jin
Korean traditional patterns can be said to be representative in our traditional beauty. At this present time when interest in Korean traditional patterns increases in hair design and various art fields, necessity of design studies on Korean traditional patterns is brought up. By grafting traditional patterns on iron winding, original new styles are intended to establish. This study considers Korean traditional patterns based on materials of advanced papers, relevant books, literature materials, and Internet materials for theoretical consideration of iron winding with the motif of Korean traditional patterns, and the work study was processed from analyzing Korean traditional patterns through photos. By grafting nature patterns, animal patterns, plant patterns, and geometric patterns which are represented commonly in advanced studies on iron winding, a total of four hair design works were composed and made. The first work expressed classical beauty in a modern viewpoint from putting scratches at two-block haircut by grafting cloud patterns among nature patterns. The second work was made to pursue creative design from putting scratches of sea waves and winding fish patterns into them after two-block haircut. The third work expressed liveliness like blooming a flower by vivifying beauty and cubic effect of a lotus flower with lotus patterns among plant patterns. The fourth work expressed static feeling symmetrical with cubic effect of a whirl among geometric patterns. From grafting Korean patterns on iron winding, the works were expressed modernly. To make original and creative styling, new attempts were made. It could be known that there were values in the works of iron winding. Based on this study, it is hoped that work studies of iron winding can be realized consecutively.
Key Words: Korean traditional patterns, Iron winding, Men`s hair styles

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