Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(2):357-364.
Published online April 30, 2016.
미용실 광고 인식이 재방문과 구전효과에 미치는 영향
지승운, 박은준
Research Paper : The Effect of the Recognition of the Beauty Salon Advertisement on the Revisited and Word of Mouth
Seung Un Ji, En Jun Park
Customer service times in the paradox that the service is taken for granted in order to impress the beauty salon re-visit customer service mind set of differentiated advertising and customer satisfaction can be the most important factor. Because of that, the need for research on ad-aware reporting, beauty salon advertising awareness by identifying how the impact on repeat visits and word-of-mouth effect was to provide the utilization of advertising media for a variety satisfy the customer to visit the next salon. A total of 500 questionnaires distributed to targeted customers in the salon used to Seoul and Gyeonggi regions were used as additional 379 final report. Questionnaire was divided into four demographic characteristics, beauty salon advertising awareness, salon revisited, word of mouth effect analysis method has been used by the frequency analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, regression analysis. As a result. Beauty salon advertising awareness was found to influence the effect of oral re-visit The better the economy could see the ever increasing number of loyal customers reuse. In addition, favorable for the ad, the more receptive was found that the effect increases the more repeat visits and word-of-mouth advertising indifferent to reuse loyal customers showed decreasing. With implications as a result, first, that advertising customers can benefit economically, secondly, may be reluctant to build ad-free. Third, a systematic familiar with the subject material.
Key Words: Beauty salon, Advertising awareness, Repeat visits, Word of mouth

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