Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(2):365-373.
Published online April 30, 2016.
남성들의 바디화장품 사용에 따른 피부 개선 효과
Research Paper : The Effect of Men`s Skin Improvement from Using Body Cosmetic Products
Hye Jin Kwon
This study aimed to address daily inconveniences with skin troubles by using the common cosmetic products rather than the medical methods, and suggest the directions to healthy skin management. The research experiment was conducted for six weeks by dividing the groups into group A using both chemical deep cleansers and body lotions, group B using only chemical deep cleansers, group C using both body scrub products, which are physical deep-cleansers, and body lotions and group D using only scrub products. After 6 weeks of experiment, the four groups all had statistically relevant changes in moisture, moisturizing power and wrinkle. In particular, the average change rate of Moisture was the highest in group A(t=13.656, p<0.001) and the lowest in group D(t=2.387, p<0.05), and there was statistical significant Changes in Skin Moisture Between-groups(F=4.568, p<0.01). In the survey on satisfaction after completing the experiment, the groups A all answered positive on skin dryness(t=30.984 p<0.001), itchiness(t=32.873, p<0.001). Therefore, a periodical skin management in the using both chemical deep cleansers and body lotions after accurately analyzing the skin of individuals is concluded to be effective to address the issues including skin dryness and pruritus.
Key Words: Deep cleanser, Man`s Skin, Moisture, Skin dryness, Skin pruritus

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