Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(3):507-515.
Published online June 30, 2016.
해체주의 특성을 응용한 아트마스크 작품 연구 -프랭크 게리의 작품을 중심으로-
신나리, 문윤경
A Study on the Works of Art Mask Applying Features of De-constructivism-Focused on the Frank Gehry art work-
Na Ri Shin, Yun Kyeong Mun
De-constructivism has influences in various fields of literature, art, architecture, fashion, and cosmetics, based on a philosophical theory to overcome limits by de-constructing and de-building the existing things, pursuing new changes and showing possibilities of interpretation of new designs by encounter with diverse fields. However, it still lacks for discussing artistic values in make-up. The contemporary make-up requires unique designs as their own artistic values and reflecting the artists` ideas and social backgrounds at that time, transcending just a pursuit of beauty. This study aims at overcoming limits of make-up arts, suggesting directions for new make-up designs with diverse attempts, and extending the field by applying figurativeness of Frank Gehry, one of architects who represent Deconstructivism. This study shows that an artistic trend, architecture and make-up collaborated and represent a new fusion art and provides an opportunity to establish a new genre as well as possibility of infinite make-up designs beyond the scope of expressions and limits of materials and everlasting exhibition of make-up through art-mask works.
Key Words: De-constructivism, Art mask, Frank gehry

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