Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(5):881-888.
Published online October 31, 2016.
헤어제품의 모바일쇼핑유형에 따른 위험지각과 만족도의 차이
이승원, 진용미
Differences in Risk Perception and Satisfaction based on the Mobile Shopping Types of Hair Products
Seung Won Lee, Yong Mi Jin
This study aims to make detailed marketing strategy through types of mobile shopping as identifying differences in risk perception and satisfaction according to consumer``s type of mobile shopping. Data collection was conducted on frequency analysis; reliability analysis; factor analysis; cluster analysis; variance analysis as using SPSS 21.0 of 350 targeting for the mobile consumers who have purchased hair products. First, as the results identified through the type of mobile shopping and risk perceptions, the level of satisfaction, mobile shopping types were classified to be 5 factors such as purchase property to seek brand; rational purchase property; information-dependent purchase property; impulsive purchase property; economical purchase property, and risk perception was classified as product unrest; social unrest; psychological unrest, and satisfaction was classified as one level. Second, the results identified through the difference according to the perception risk of mobile shopping type showed a statistically significant differences those of psychological anxiety. Third, the results identified through the difference according to the satisfaction of mobile shopping type showed a statistically significant differences. Through the above results, we was able to get to the conclusion that the company must establish differentiated marketing strategy according to types of mobile shopping, When discussing these detailed strategies we are consider to be able to look forward to improving the marketing outcomes of the company.
Key Words: Hair products, Mobile shopping, Risk perception, Satisfaction, Style of shopping

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