Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(5):982-996.
Published online October 31, 2016.
카렌듈라 추출물 함유 기초화장품이 분장용 파운데이션으로 인한 안면 피부의 자극 완화 효과
정홍자, 강상모
Impact on the Improvement of Facial Skin Irritation Caused by the Stage Make-up for Cosmetic Containing Calendula Extract
Hong-ja Jung, Sang-mo Kang
This study is to find out about a cosmetic formulation containing calendula extracts about how much effecting on the facial skin irritation caused by stage make-up. 16 people, women of the average age of the 21-year-old randomly divided into two groups. The first group is the control group (calendula-free extract) and the second group is calendula group (calendula extract containing 10%). The study was conducted from January 16, 2016 to February 29, 2016. Once a day for two weeks, for three hours at a time, calendula group is applying essences skin and cream containing the calendula extract, a stage make-up was applied on top of it. The results are as follows. Results using 3 hours to 1, the control group showed a tendency to decrease about pore, pigmentation, normal sebum, porphyrin, sebum total, and bright, the moisture was significantly reduced (p<.05). Calendula group is a tendency to reduce the pore, pigmentation, porphyrin and the sebum total were significantly reduced (p<.05), the moisture and normal sebum showed an increasing, and the bright is increased (p<.05). Results used for two weeks, control group showed a decreasing about pore, moisture, normal sebum, porphyrin, sebum total. pigmentation tends to increase, while the bright index decreased (p<.05). Calendula group showed a decreasing about pore, normal sebum. And pigmentation, porphyrin and sebum total were decreased (p<.05), on the other hand the moisture is a decreasing, the bright was increased (p<.05). Difference about in skin erythema skin tone improvement of the control group and the calendula group can be also confirmed by photographs. The above effect is considered to be helpful in improving facial skin irritation caused by the stage makeup of cosmetic formulations containing calendula extracts.
Key Words: Calendula, Foundation, Stage make-up, Skin irritation

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