Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(5):1084-1091.
Published online October 31, 2016.
팝아트의 키치적 요소를 응용한 아트메이크업
김의형, 김선형
A Study of Art Makeup Using Kitsch Elements in Pop Art
Eui-hyoung Kim, Sun-hyoung Kim
Pop art has played a large part in modern makeup. However, it is difficult to find studies on art makeup to which the characteristics of pop art are applied. In addition, the portion of kitsch is also gradually increasing in popular art and culture. Recently, there has been a rising demand for diverse art makeup through basic core research, rather than conventional art makeup, which has merely appropriated old art pieces as they are. Under the assumption that art makeup is closely related to kitsch elements and displays common techniques, this study attempted to make and analyze art makeup designs based on the kitsch elements of pop art and approach them from an artistic and aesthetic perspective. In fact, the kitsch elements of pop art can represent symbolized objects, the appropriation of daily images, reproduction-based kitsch and paradoxical meaning. The symbolized object breaks the nature of readymade articles which are commonly found in our daily lives and grants them new meaning. As a result, they become valuable as art pieces. In terms of the appropriation of daily routine images, painting and cartoon-style techniques were used in art makeup in a way to maximize the conversion of a solid into a plane, like a face. In the reproduction-based kitsch, new beauty was created in the process of being repeated and reproduced several times. In art makeup, kitsch has been expressed by repeating the same patterns. In terms of paradoxical meaning, the general concept of an object would be deconstructed, or texture effects would be used to suggest the opposite meaning. In art makeup, a new technique instead of an original technique was chosen to prevent the original texture from being felt.
Key Words: Appropriation, Art Makeup, Kitsch, Object, Pop Art

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