Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(6):1404-1411.
Published online December 31, 2016.
베트남 뷰티산업을 위한 뷰티 개발 NGO 활성화 방안
A Study on the Activating Beauty Development NGO for Beauty Industry of Vietnam
Esther Choi
NGO(Non-Governmental Organization) is briefly defined as pure-private group which is not for any kinds of profit. Also, it is literally particular organization without Government. Since 41 NGOs moved for world peace in 1946, plenty of modern NGOs have worked actively for various fields such as global peace, environment, poor relief, human right, and etc. Recently, many organizations emerge with various experts group because international development cooperation and role of NGO tend to be emphasized. In other words, many people focused on those NGOs right now. To tell the truth, there are millions of active NGOs all over the world today. South Korea and Vietnam could be a significant instance of NGO activities. Those two countries established diplomatic relations in 1992, and after that, they have concluded a lot of agreements for friendship and economic growth. Furthermore, cultural and artistic exchange such as K-Pop Festival is also in progress lately. The purpose of this research is finding ways to invigorate Beauty Development Organization (BDO-NGO) for developing beauty industry of Vietnam. To study for this subject, many steps are required. First of all, this study contains literature investigation research informations about Vietnam. Secondly, there are both survey and interview results to figure out current status of Vietnam beauty Industry; it has also specific analysis about Vietnamese` aesthetic consciousness and needs about Korean beauty-service. According to this research, Vietnamese are absolutely interested in their own appearances. Especially, they have great interest about skin care. Thirdly, they answered that they encountered Korean cosmetics through drama or movie advertisements. Moreover, there are many people who have been used basic products (cosmetics) such as skin lotion. Finally, they responded that they want to get K-Beauty education to manage their own appearance, and especially, they want to be educated for skin care. In conclusion, it needs to vitalize technical and material supports by Beauty-NGO for Vietnam. In detail, it should be avoided any approach for profit to develop Vietnam beauty industry. Furthermore, South Korea could send domestic (Korean) experts who has skillful beauty technique to train and educate Vietnamese. In addition, it has to build and preserve between Vietnam local network and Korean network with NGOs.
Key Words: Beauty industry, Development NGO (Non Governmental Organization), K-Beauty education, Vietnam

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