Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(6):1477-1485.
Published online December 31, 2016.
2009개정 제7차 교육과정의 헤어미용교과서 분석
정소임, 노영희, 전연숙
Analysis on Hair Design Textbooks of the 2009 Revised 7th National Curriculum
Jeong So Im, Noh Young Hee, Jeun Yeun Suk
For comparative analysis, this study categorized hair design textbooks into external structure and internal structure according to educational contents and investigated whether hair design textbooks are suitable for the current curriculum to provide basic information for development of the future hair design textbooks. The study method was contents analysis of 4 hair design textbooks published for the 7th curriculum revised in 2009. These textbooks were categorized into external structure and internal structure for comparative analysis, and the results of the study were converted into a percentage for statistics processing. The results of this study is as follows. First, the overall structures of the textbooks were all similar but the chapter structures were slightly different in the names of sub-chapters and the goals of chapters as well as in the chapter reviews and evaluations. Second, with respect to hair design textbook authors, the average number of hair design textbook authors was 8.25, most of which consists of the current high school teachers. Third, with respect to composition and importance of sections, all the textbooks tended to focus more on practical studies than theoretical studies. Fourth, with respect to the number of photos, figures and tables by section, the number was highest in the practice of hair cut section but lowest in the components and types of hair treatment section. As stated above, it is required to develop textbooks according to the national curriculum for more professional education of hair design and to improve textbooks to use them more properly in the high school education environment.
Key Words: Contents Analysis, External Structure, Hair Design Textbook, Internal Structure, Textbook Analysis

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