Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2017;23(5):910-920.
Published online October 31, 2017.
특별대우 혜택이 뷰티서비스 점포와 고객과의 관계에 미치는 영향 : 경제적 혜택과 고객화 혜택의 이중경로 비교
윤해심, 윤남희
The Effect of Special Service Benefit on the Customer Relationship with Beauty Service Store : A Dual Path Approach of the Economic Benefit and Customization Benefit
Hae-sim Yoon, Namhee Yoon
Beauty service stores offer the special treatment benefits to their loyal customers competitively. This study aims to investigate the effect of customer service benefits on the customer relationship with beauty service store. The economic benefit and customization benefit- would be related to the different type of the customer-store relationships. This study focuses on the dual path effects of economic benefit-transactional relationship and customization benefit-communal relationship. To test the hypothesis, empirical research was conducted. Two stimuli were manipulated and the subjects were randomly allocated on online experimental survey. A total of 231 samples were analyzed. The result showed that the economic benefits had the higher effect on the transactional relationship than on the communal relationship. And the customization benefits also affected the transactional and communal relationships, and the higher effect on communal relationship was found. In addition, the tied relationship had more influential effect on the intention to maintain the relationship. The results imply that the strong tied relationship among beauty service store and customers is important for the services outcomes, and the communal relationship with their customers was effectively formed by the customized benefit offerings.
Key Words: Beauty Service Store, Communal Relationship, Customization Benefit, Economic Benefit, Special Service Benefit, Transac-tional Relationship

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