Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2017;23(5):942-953.
Published online October 31, 2017.
뷰티서비스 종사자의 진정성과 감정표현이 고객만족 및 장기관계지향성에 미치는 영향
The Effect of the Authenticity and Emotional Expression of Beauty Service Workers on Customer Satisfaction and Long-Term Relationship Orientation
Hae Young Lee
Beauty service is an area where the competencies of individual workers affect significantly service satisfaction, and thus, the service behaviors of workers, who are service providers, play an important role in customer satisfaction. As a research methodology, an empirical study was conducted using questionnaires on the authenticity and emotional expression of service workers that could be perceived by female customers aged 20s-50s in various occupations who have had consumption experience with beauty salons. The results of the analysis showed that the authenticity factors of beauty service workers were divided into fairness, consistency and mutual sympathy, while the emotional expression factors were categorized into physical emotional expression and inner emotional expression. Customer satisfaction factors, including worker satisfaction and salon satisfaction, and long-term relationship orientation factors were all accepted with high confidence levels. All the factors on the authenticity of workers significantly affected customer satisfaction, and mutual sympathy had the most significant effect on worker satisfaction and salon satisfaction. The analysis of the effect of emotional expression on customer satisfaction showed that physical emotional expression had a positive effect on both worker satisfaction and salon satisfaction, indicating that the competencies. The analysis of the effect of the authenticity of beauty service workers on long-term relationship orientation revealed that the variable of mutual sympathy had the most significant effect, followed by fairness and consistency, and that long-term relationship orientation was stronger when physical emotional expression was higher.
Key Words: Authenticity, Beauty service, Customer satisfaction, Emotional expression, Long-term relationship orientation

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