Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2017;23(5):1025-1032.
Published online October 31, 2017.
데이비드 보위(David Bowie) 메이크업의 미적 특성 연구
정지원, 김은실
A Study on Aesthetic Characteristics of David Bowie’s Make up
Jung Jee Won, Kim Eun Sil
The purpose of this study is to be a source of inspiration for creative make up design by studying and reexamining the aesthetic characteristics of David Bowie's make up, which is an icon of popular culture in the 20th century. The research method was theoretical study through domestic and foreign publications, related papers, and news to understand David Bowie 's music activities, overall style and art style at the time of influencing his style. The empirical study included David Bowie has released albums, music videos, and photographs up to the 7th album, which was released in 1980, which has been rated as having proved an extraordinary and experimental music and fashion against the mainstream music since the 1th albums which was released 1967, And 3 persons who majored in make up were selected and analyzed. Research results First, in case of futurism, it appeared with a psychedelic style and art style at the time of influencing his style. Second, palatability uses straight lines and exaggerated curves, and expresses cartoon images using blue and pink, orange color and white and black of neon color system which are clearly highlighted. Third, androgyne is expressed by eyebrows and lips using a gentle curve, and the makeup that was regarded as the only thing of women at the time was using a feminine color with high brightness and a bright color of neon color that makes men look like women. Fourth, in the case of exoticism, he used thin curved eyebrows, white color foundation, red type shade and lipstick which can be seen in Japanese Kabuki make up, eye line type, gold type shade and dark green lipstick, he placed it on both sides and clown, and it made an erotic impression. Through these research results, David Bowie's various image expressions of make up were influenced by the artistic history of the time, and it was understood that the characteristics of future, palatability, androgyne and exotic can be explained in terms of line, color, texture and pattern.
Key Words: Aesthetic Characteristic, Contemporary Arts Trends, David Bowie, Glam Rock

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