Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2018;24(6):1289-1296.
Published online December 31, 2018.
시니어 여성의 결혼 상태에 따라 자각하는 피부변화, 외모관리행동, 브랜드 선호도의 차이 연구
김태희, 최미옥
Differences in Awareness of Skin Changes, Appearance Management Behavior, and Brand Preference According to Marital Status of Senior Women
Tae-hee Kim, Mee-ok Choi
Today, due to social change, the life expectancy is becoming longer. Therefore, as the society changed into a super-aged society, women's social advancement and living standards increased and desire for beauty was also heightened. Thus, this study investigated the relevance of the appearance practice degree according to their marital status for senior women. Statistical analysis of the collected data was conducted frequency analysis, reliability analysis and crossover analysis by using SPSSWIN 21.0 program. The results of this study are as follows: First, married people are high in housewives (35.8%), skin anxieties (36.7%), monthly income is less than 1 or 2 million won (39.4%), and to bereavement / divorce are high in professions (24.8%), monthly income more than 4 million won (30.8%). Second, it showed high level of skin change perceived by bereaved / divorced people(M=3.66) then married people(M=3.50). Third, married people(M=3.00) appeared to have higher appearance management behavior than bereavement / divorce people(M=2.85). Fourth, brand preference was similar. Therefore, it was found that senior women were affected by the degree of management of appearance according to their marital status. In contrast to married people who have enough money and time, the bereaved / divorced people are considered to be passive in appearance management though they are self-awareness but affected by stress. Based on this, it is expected that in-depth research will be conducted on appearance management behavior considering various variables.
Key Words: Appearance Management Behavior, Brand Preference, Marital Status, Senior Women, Skin Condition

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