Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2018;24(6):1343-1353.
Published online December 31, 2018.
대상자의 특성에 따른 디자인 구성 요인 (색채, 질감, 형태) 간의 시각반응
장신영, 노영희
Depending on the Characteristics of the Subject, Visual Reaction Between Design Factors (Color, Texture, Shape)
Shin-young Jang, Young-hee Noh
In this research, we conducted a study to track the influence of Color, Texture and Shape of the target characteristics and design components using human visual response. As a result, the Color shows higher visual communication than the texture and shape, and is quick and continuous. The Texture seems to have a low influence on the visual response of the first line of sight, but shows a high influence on maintaining the line of sight that gaze concentrates. The Texture shows design influence higher than Color and Shape, to recognize design change, and in particular can act as an effective factor for male change tools. Although the Shape seems to have a higher impact than the texture in the visual response of the first line of sight, it shows a lower influence than Color and Texture as the line of sight is maintained. However, such influence was also confirmed via a visual reaction by field of study, which has a change when the target cognitive characteristics are reflected. The visual reaction of the first line of sight shown in this research can be used for inducing the first line of sight or making it attractive, and the visual response of the gaze repeatedly is to fix the line of sight after the first sight line, It is suggested that it can be used for effect.
Key Words: Beauty Design, Color, Texture, Shape, Visual response
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