Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2020;26(2):445-456.
Published online April 30, 2020.
어류껍질 콜라겐과 파인애플 속 브로멜라인 효소의 복합식이가 40-60대 중년여성의 손톱에 미치는 효과
심예원, 강상모
Effects of Complex Diet of Collagen from Fish Skin and Bromelain Enzyme in Pineapple on the Nails of Middle-Aged Women in Their 40s-60s
Yae-won Shim, Sang-mo Kang
This study had an experiment for understanding the improvement of nails of middle-aged women in their 40s- 60s in accordance with the intake of collagen from fish skin and food with Bromelain enzyme. After dividing t the research subjects into control group(n=15), collagen group(n=15) of people taking collagen, enzyme group (n=15) of people taking enzyme, and complex group(n=15) of people taking them complexly, they were asked to take them in the morning and evening for total 12 weeks. After intake, the total content of amino acid in nails was increased by 6.4%(p<0.05) in the enzyme group, and by 7.1%(p<0.01) in the complex group. After intake, only the complex group showed the decrease of absorbance by 18.5%(p<0.001) for nail density,increase of nail thickness by 24.4%(p<0.001), and decrease of nail roughness by 25.4%(p<0.001). And the water content of nails did not show significant differences in all the groups. In the healthiness of nail surface, it got better as control group
Key Words: Bromelain, Fish collagen, Pineapple, Protease&&Nail

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