Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2020;26(3):486-494.
Published online June 30, 2020.
인상학을 적용한 뮤지컬 <시카고>의 무대 분장에 관한 연구
신서라, 김선형
A Study on the Stage Makeup of the Musical < Chicago > Applying Physiognomy
Seo-ra Sin, Sun-hyoung Kim
The purpose of this study is to recognize the importance of makeup for the audience to visually understand the characters in the play and how to effectively represent the characters in the play when applying the real makeup based on the physiognomy. In addition, it is intended to provide makeup designers and students learning it as a basis for designing stage makeup. To this end, this study presented the makeup schedule and illustrations applying the works and character analysis and physiognomy of the musical < Chicago >. And the actual makeup results of the main characters are as follows. Velma Kelly's model complements the long, soft-looking face with a rhombus shape, and emphasized the eye line with angled eyebrows and eyehole technique, a sensual and fearless character was created. Roxie Hart's model created with a small and single eyelid that looked passive and stuffy to double eyelid by taping to eyelid. And by accentuating her eyes to look up, she created a self-centered ingenuous character. Billy Flynn's model created by modify the saggy eyebrows look gentle to a dark, long form with raised ends, and since he had to look older than the model's original age, eyes, forehead, and nasolabial lines were made and a beard on his face. Mama Morton's model was drawn in an angular form with raised eyebrows to look stronger, shaded to look mature, and the lower lip was thicker than the upper lip to complete the character with strong desire. This study applied the physiognomy as a method to express characters effectively, and the results proved that the appearance of the characters in the works can be realized by applying the physiognomy.
Key Words: Chicago, Musical, Physiognomy, Stage Makeup

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