Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2020;26(3):678-686.
Published online June 30, 2020.
중년여성의 자기가치 수반성이 뷰티관리행동에 미치는 영향
김정애, 양은진
The Effect of Contingencies of Self-Worth on Beauty Management Behavior among Middle-Aged Women
Jeongae Kim, Eunjin Yang
Physical aging of middle-aged women brings about feeling of social atrophy. There have been various researches dealing with it. In particular, beauty management behavior has been found to be effective to recover self-esteem among middle-aged women. Therefore, this research intends to examine the effect of contingencies of self-worth, domain of self-esteem of middle-aged women, on beauty management behavior of them. To achieve the research aim, this research conducted a survey to 631 middle-aged women in Seoul city and Gangwon province by distributing copies of the self-reported questionnaire. Among all the collected 631 copies of the questionnaire, 612 copies in total were used for final analysis, excluding 19 copies which were not filled out properly. Using SPSS statistical package v. 21.0, this research did frequency analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, and multiple regression analysis. Descriptive statistics analysis of this research revealed that contingencies of self-worth were the highest in relationship with friends, and beauty management behavior was high in hair management. In addition, contingencies of self-worth of relationship with friends, superiority, looks, and approval of other people were found to have significant positive (+) effects on beauty management behavior such as management on hair, skin, fashion, and cosmetics. It is hoped that the findings of this research will serve as basic sources for beauty service marketing and development of beauty industry. But, given the limits of this research that the survey was done only to residents of specific regions, it is desirable to expand the regions the survey will be conducted. It is suggested that middle-aged men be included in the future researches.
Key Words: Middle-aged woman, Contingencies of self-worth, Beauty management behavior

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