Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2021;27(1):1-11.
Published online February 28, 2021.
Aspergillus oryzae로 제조한 Soybean koji 섭취가 40~60대 여성의 피부 미용에 미치는 영향
박세실리아1, 강상모2
1건국대학교 K뷰티산업융합학과
2건국대학교 생물공학과
The Effect of Soybean koji Prepared with Aspergillus oryzae on 40~60s Women's Skin Care
Cecilia Park1, Sang-mo Kang2
1Dept. of K-beauty Industry Fusion, Konkuk University
2Dept. of Biological Engineering, Konkuk University
Correspondence:  Sang-mo Kang, Tel: 82-2-450-3524, 
Received: 13 August 2020   • Revised: 28 September 2020   • Accepted: 4 January 2021
The purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between soybean koji prepared with Aspergillus oryzae and effects of skin care. For the 12 weeks from May to August 2018, 40~60s women participated in clinical trials. The control group consisted of nonfermented soybean and the experimental group was soybean koji, a fermented bean. And before and after soybean koji intake, the count of pores, depression, wrinkle, brightness, redness and yellowness of the facial skin were measured and compared. Research result, the pores, depression and wrinkle decreased in the experimental group 0.6 times (p<.01), 2.7 times (p<.001) and about 5.6 times (p<.001) more than the control group, respectively. On the other hand, the control group showed no significant difference in all three items. In addition, compared to the control group, the brightness of the experimental group increased 1.8 times (p<.001), the redness decreased about 1.3 times (p<.001) and the yellowness decreased about 2.6 times (p<.001). The experimental group showed a high improvement in depression (15.79%), wrinkle (12.79%), and the changes in brightness (5.07%), redness (10.04%) and yellowness (7.64%) were more alleviated compared to the control group. In conclusion, soybean koji was more effective in skin beauty such as depression, wrinkle and skin tone, compared to non-fermented soybean. Through the results of this study, confirmed the potential of soybean koji as a material for inner beauty. Finally, I expect this study will be used as basic data for nutrition and beauty.
Key Words: Antera 3D, Aspergillus oryzae, Inner beauty, Soybean koji, Wrinkle

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