Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2021;27(1):32-41.
Published online February 28, 2021.
금화규(Abelmoschus manihot jinhuakui) 추출물의 항산화 활성
전연홍1, 강상모2
1건국대학교 대학원 생물공학과
2건국대학교 생물공학과
The Antioxidant Activity of Abelmoschus manihot jinhuakui Extracts
Yun-hong Jeon1, Sang-mo Kang2
1Dept. of Biological Engineering, Graduate School, Konkuk University
2Professor, Dept. of Biological Engineering, Konkuk University
Correspondence:  Sang-mo Kang, Tel: 82-2-450-3524, 
Received: 24 August 2020   • Revised: 31 October 2020   • Accepted: 11 January 2021
This study focuses on figuring out the possibility of functional cosmetics raw materials, especially the A. manihot jinhuakui. It usesEthanol(95%) and water-based alkaline solvent (1 M NaOH) to extract the functional ingredients from the flowers and stems each of theA. manihot jinhuakui, and compare the antioxidant power of the extractions. We measured the antioxidant power of the ingredientsextracted by water-based alkaline solvent from the flowers (WF) and stems (WS), and the ingredients extracted by Ethanol from theflowers (EF) and stems (ES). The measurements conducted through DPPH radical elimination analysis, ABTS assay, and FRAP assay,and it showed a very high antioxidant capacity. Also, we obtained through this study a large amount of polyphenol and flavonoidconfirm. All extracts show antioxidant activity, especially the polyphenol content of the flower extract WF 598.59 ± 32.12 μg/mL, EF529.0 ± 25.1 μg/mL, the stem extract WS 247.86 ± 25.14 μg/mL, ES contains 121.23 ± 15.81 μg/mL, ingredients from the flowers (WF,EF) stated higher activity than from the stem extracts (WS, ES). Collagen content did not appear in all extractions. In particular, amongthe flower extracts (WF, EF), WF extracted from the water-based alkaline solvent showed DPPH radical eliminate activity 0.0825 mg/mL, excellent antioxidant activity than EF 0.834 mg/mL, WS 1.095 mg/mL, ES 1.156 mg/mL. Conclusively, this study showedincreasing the radical eliminate activity of A. manihot jinhuakui's extraction using water-based alkaline solvent, moreover, it demonstratedthe differently applied solvent extraction methods showed their efficacy and possibility as functional cosmetic materials in A. manihotjinhuakui, which takes into account the properties of mucilage.
Key Words: Abelmoschus manihot jinhuakui, Antioxidants, Cosmetics medicinal plants, Mucilage, Water based alkaline solvent

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