Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2021;27(1):42-49.
Published online February 28, 2021.
입술화장품 위생인식도가 제품 구매 적극도에 미치는 영향
유원대학교 뷰티케어학과
The Influence of Hygiene Awareness of Lip Cosmetics on Product Purchasing Eagerness
Eunjin Im
Department of Beauty Care, U1 University
Correspondence:  Eunjin Im, Tel: 82-41-536-5713, 
Received: 24 August 2020   • Revised: 4 October 2020   • Accepted: 11 January 2021
In recent years, the age to start using makeup is getting younger. As the amount of usage of color cosmetics increases, the lip cosmeticshave gotten uncomparably diverse in comparison with the past. Due to the functional characteristic of lips, there is a high possibility forthe ingredients of lipsticks or lip glosses to enter the human body. So it is necessary to do research on the safety and hygiene of thecosmetic ingredients. This study investigates the hygiene awareness which affects the safety and stability of the cosmetics for lips. Thisstudy also investigates the effect of hygiene awareness on the eagerness to purchase lip cosmetics. This study surveyed women in theirteens and older for two weeks from November 2, 2018. Four hundred twelve returns were analyzed. There were 37 questions in thequestionnaire such as actual conditions of lip cosmetics use, hygiene awareness, purchase eagerness, and general traits. The collected datawere statistically analyzed using SPSS v. 21.O statistical package program. To verify the reliability, Cronbach’s α coefficient wascalculated, and descriptive statistical analysis and correlation analysis were carried out. The results showed that ‘internet’ was the mostfrequent information source on the usage (51.2%) and that the awareness at the point of purchase on the last date of distribution and theexpiration date was low. The hygiene awareness on the lip cosmetics was revealed to be moderate. The purchase eagerness was highlyaffected by the opinions of the sales people or the opinions of friends and acquaintances. The duration of the cosmetic use and therecommended duration of use are related to the hygiene, safety, and stability. It turned out that the awareness on such durations was low.It is necessary, we think, for the consumers to know how to use the cosmetics safely, how long they can use the cosmetics after openingthem, and act accordingly. It can be concluded, in another words, that providing consumers with the information on the safety ofcosmetics affects the level of purchase satisfaction.
Key Words: Hygiene awareness, Lip cosmetics, Product purchasing eagerness

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