Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2021;27(1):190-198.
Published online February 28, 2021.
미용실 가치소비가 점포 선택기준 및 구매행동과 서비스 만족도에 미치는 영향
송송이, 진용미
1서경대학교 일반대학원 미용예술학과
2서경대학교 미용예술대학 헤어메이크업디자인학과
Consumption Value of the Salon Stores, Selection Criteria and Purchase Impact on Behavior and Service Experience
Song Yi Song, Yong-mi Jin
1Dept. of Beauty Arts, Graduate School, Seokyeong University
2Dept. of Hair-Makeup Design, College of Beauty Arts, Seokyeong University
Correspondence:  Yong-mi Jin, Tel: 82-2-940-7813, 
Received: 7 October 2020   • Revised: 26 November 2020   • Accepted: 28 January 2021
One-person media is a creative innovation of content that can more efficiently respond to the upstream channel of the Internet, and it isnecessary to play a role in spreading content through inducing more active communication. Therefore, in this study, the dimension ofcreativity of one-person media content was specified, and the structural relationship between social capital, community formation, andnetwork externality was grasped from the perspective of social network in the dimension of creativity of such one-person media content.It is believed that this can effectively project the role of social capital emphasizing the value network aspect through the dimension ofcreativity of one-person media contents through a relational perspective. In this study, 455 experienced users who have relationalactivities (information sharing, discussion, building ties, etc.) among members through comments or community activities on beautycontents for one- person media are selected as a sample, and the research problem was verified by conducting reliability verification,validity verification, measurement model analysis, and path analysis using SPSS ver.23.0 and AMOS ver.23.0. The results of this studyare as follows. First, as a result of analyzing the path relationship between the creativity dimension of one-person media content andsocial capital, the three variables of behavioral dimension, emotional dimension, and cognitive dimension had a significant effect onsocial information sharing, but the contextual dimension did not have a significant effect. In addition, the behavioral dimension,contextual dimension, and emotional dimension had a significant effect on social self-seeking, but the cognitive dimension did notsignificantly affect social self-seeking. Second, as a result of analyzing the path relationship between social capital and communityformation through one-person media contents, social information sharing and social self-seeking both had a significant effect oncommunity formation. Third, as a result of analyzing the path relationship between community formation through one-person mediacontents and network externality, usefulness had a significant influence on the intention to use.
Key Words: Purchasing behavior, Service satisfaction level, Store selection criteria, Value consumption of beauty salons

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