Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2006;12(3):28-38.
화장태도에 따른 색조화장 선호색에 관한 연구
Research about Preferable Color of Colored Cosmetic According to Makeup Attitude
Ran Suk Seo
This research is to analyze and to examine the women`s color preference of colored cosmetic according to make up attitude. The colors that were used in this research of preference of color make up were 10 colors of Munsell color system, total 90 colors including 8 colors of PCCS of 80 colored tone and 10 colorless tones included bage and brown. As items of colored cosmetic eye shadow and lip stick which is basic color cosmetic used by most women were chosen, the subjects of the research were 601 women from the age of 19 to 49 who were interested in color make up and using color cosmetic, and the research was underwent with questionnaires, and SPPWIN 10.0 was used as data analysis The results of the research is shown as belows. 1. Make up attitude was classified into 4 factors; the pursuit of fashion, the inclination of others, self-satisfaction, and the pursuit of change. 2. As the results of a group analysis by the factors of make up attitude, types were classified into 4 groups; Actively pursuing type, self-serious consideration type, passive type and the type of pursuing others. 3. Comparing color preference of colored cosmetic according to the groups of make up attitude, the group of actively pursuing type preferred highly bright, achromatic eye shadow colors and vivid tone, reddish, and violet lip stick colors more than any other groups. The self-serious consideration group preferred bright tone, violet and purplish eye shadow colors and pale tone, violet and orange lip stick colors more than any other groups. The group of passive type preferred pale tone and orange eye shadow colors and light tone, and orange lip stick tone colors more than any other groups. The group of pursuing others preferred light tone, reddish, and violet eye shadow colors and bright tone and violet lip stick colors more than any other groups. From the results of above research, it is proved that preference of make up attitude have an influence on color preference of colored cosmetic.
Key Words: Preferable Color, Colored cosmetic, make up attitude

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