Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2006;12(3):161-168.
미용서비스 방법론과 연속성 구현 -헤어이미지연출을 중심으로-
오경헌, 이주영
Study on Beauty Service by Series and Methodology -Focusing Hair Image Expression-
Kyeong Hun Oh, Ju Young Lee
This study tried to present a beauty service type which begins with interviewing with customers prior to expressing of hair style, and is followed by finding the right image for the customer, creating the hair image agreeable to the unique customer image, and lastly, the afterward management including hair care and home-care. the results are as follows; first, the interviewing would allow to identify customer`s need and character, widening the plan of its following beauty service. second, the JFAI`s SALON FIT SYSTEM can reduce the risk of fallacy in hair expression. third, presenting hair styles in advance according to the customer image can help creating original idea beyond the numerical data, and thus give the chance to provide new hair style fourth, home-care communication with customer helps the customer care for the expressed hair style by himself or herself and also gives motivation of repurchasing of the beauty service. fifth, by consecutively providing beauty service on expressing hair style, customers themselves can perceive their characteristics and what they want in more detailed manner, and accordingly, by making objective the expression of hair style wanted by customer, practitioner can provide beauty service in which the individual style of customer is highlighted more and the expressed hair style can be more harmonious with the customer. This can lead to maximized customer satisfaction.
Key Words: Hair style Expression, Beauty Service, Home-care

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