Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2008;14(4):1230-1243.
Published online December 31, 2008.
성인남성의 연령에 따른 피부인지도 및 화장품 사용 필요성에 관한 연구
Research Paper : A Study on Skin Recognition and Cosmetics Use Necessity in Men by Age
Jae Kee Hong
Modern men are thinking the care about own skin as ability of coming from `self-management,` escaping from a simply cosmetical concept. These men`s change in viewpoint about skin control led to the bullish trend in men`s cosmetics market. However, it is reality that men`s knowledge on skin and cosmetics is not so high enough to being able to rightly use men`s cosmetics in diverse product groups. Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to examine the skin recognition and cosmetics Use Necessity that they have, targeting 413 men, who were randomly sampled among people in their 20s~40s, who are the main customer bracket in men`s cosmetics. The research results on these people will be utilized as the substantial data in order to grasp subjects in the businesses related to men`s cosmetics. And, its aim is to increase the sales result in men`s cosmetics market with marketing in the businesses through this substantial application of data. The results according to research are as follows. First, in consequence of examining men`s recognition level on skin, most of men in 86.9% were recognizing on their own skin type. In the question about a worry about skin, men in 95.9% were feeling worried. And, the significant difference was indicated according to a skin type, thereby having inferred that they have a relatively exact worry by skin type. Second, as a result of examining about men`s recognition of necessity on cosmetics, men`s recognition of necessity on cosmetics showed not high result as a whole, with 57.9% in men who recognized necessity of using cosmetics after washing face, 69.7% in men who recognized necessity of lotion(cream), and 62.2% in men who attempted to use cosmetics with the aim of improving a worry about skin. Third, in the recognition on ultraviolet radiation, most of men in 93.9% were knowing that ultraviolet radiation may cause skin aging. However, in the question that sun-block agent needs to be applied all the time during 4 seasons, only men in 43.3% showed a positive answer, thus the knowledge of utilizing cosmetics is showing the low result compared to recognition on ultraviolet radiation.
Key Words: Men`s Cosmetics, Skin Recognition, Cosmetics Use Necessity

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