Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2009;15(3):786-802.
Published online September 30, 2009.
메디컬 스킨케어의 인식 및 만족도에 관한 연구
신진영, 김주덕
Research Paper : A Study on Awareness of Medical Skincare and Satisfaction
Jin Young Shin, Ju Duck Kim
The purpose of this study was to examine the use of medical skincare among people in general in an attempt to find out about their perception of it, the relationship of the possession of the problem skin to medical skincare experiences and the relationship of medical skincare experiences to satisfaction level. The major findings of the study were as follows: First, as examine the medical skincare customer`s problems, the majority of customers were concerned with pigmentation as followed by wrinkles, skin elasticity, acne and scar, and all sorts of diseases related to blood vessel such as telangiectasia. Second, the largest group took care of their skin on their own before they used the medical skincare centers, and the second greatest group used general skincare centers. As for the reason why they moved to the medical skincare clinics, a failure to improve the skin was cited as the most common reason. The use of medical equipment for problem skin treatment, the professionalism of doctors and hospital reliability were mentioned as the best strength of medical skincare. Third, as for the response of their acquaintances after receiving medical skincare, the majority of the customers were told by people around them to have a better skin, as they gave a mean of 3.88 to that out of possible five points. Concerning what improvements should primarily be made about current medical skincare, the largest group asked for inexpensive cost, and the second biggest group called for medical equipment and treatment that would produce less side effects and give a less pain. Fourth, as to satisfaction level with problem skin treatment, the largest group found chemical peeling to have the best effect on acne and scar. The biggest group regarded IPL as most effective at improving pigmentation. The largest group viewed polaris as most effective at improving wrinkles and skin elasticity. The biggest group considered IPL to be most effective at improving all sorts of diseases related to blood vessel such as telangiectasia. Regarding treatment for skin regeneration, the greatest group deemed vital iontophoresis most effective, followed by skin scaling. In terms of management, there is a growing trend that medical skincare hospitals and general skincare clinics join forces in providing services by introducing the shop-in-shop concept or establishing a tie up with each other in case of being located in the neighborhood. Indeed, it will be very important for every sort of skincare service provider to find an opportunity to grow together by expediting their mutual interchange or eliminating conflicts triggered by the medical and beauty-related law. This study is expected to lay the foundation for the growth of the medical skincare industry.
Key Words: Medical Skin Care, Acne and Scar, Pigmentation, Wrinkles and Skin Elasticity, Telangiectasia

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