Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(6):1486-1497.
Published online December 31, 2016.
기능경기대회 헤어디자인 직종 활성화 방안 연구
임옥진, 노영희, 윤초희, 이효숙
A Study on Enhancing the Hair Design Field in National Skill Contest.
Ok-jin Lim, Young-hee Noh, Cho-hee Yun, Hyo-suk Lee
20th century is a knowledge based society and the beauty industry seeks global people who have technology, design analyzing power, task solving ability, and communication ability. To foster skilled people suitable for the current times, however, the issue of abolishing the section has been discussed because of the low participation rate to domestic function competitions that can achieve the right to participate in the International function olympics in the hair design section. The study results suggest; First, it should improve the social interest by introducing a support status notice system for prizewinner and reduce the wall of advance by letting training subjects choose training institutes freely through releasing the training process and result information for each institution. Second, there should be price ceiling for tuition fee and ways of expanding the payment for advanced course to improve the actual participants in the hair design section at function competitions. Third, the objective evaluation should be make by introducing qualification system for examiners in the hair design section of function competitions. Fourth, it requires to prepare benefits for prizewinner of function competitions, compose human infra of players and trainers, and have systematic ways of promotions on competitions. Through above measures, this study tried to improve the satisfaction level of participants and give a chance to activate hair design section in function competitions by preparing a fair evaluation index in the hair design section and hope to be helpful for the activation of function.
Key Words: Enhancing the hair design Contest, Hair Dressing, National Skill Contest, Worldskills

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