Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2019;25(5):1201-1211.
Published online October 31, 2019.
청소년의 외모만족도와 자아존중감, 학교생활만족도의 연관성
Relationships among Satisfaction with Appearance, Self-esteem and Satisfaction with School Life in Adolescents
Sun-hyoung Kim
This study investigated relationships among satisfaction with appearance, self-esteem and satisfaction with school life among adolescents so as to provide basic data for emotionally and physically customized cosmetology education. The results of this study found the following: In personal and family self-esteem, as satisfaction with physical appearance and satisfaction with subjective appearance satisfaction were higher, and desire to improve appearance decreased, personal self-esteem increased. In social self-esteem, as satisfaction with physical appearance increased, social self-esteem was higher. Regarding appearance satisfaction, as satisfaction with physical appearance and subjective appearance satisfaction increased, satisfaction with relationships with teachers/peers, courses and physical environments was higher, having influence on satisfaction with school life. In self-esteem, satisfaction with physical environments increased as i) family/social/personal self-esteem (in satisfaction with relationship with teachers/peers), ii) social/family self-esteem (in satisfaction with courses), or iii) personal self-esteem (in satisfaction with physical environments) increased.
Key Words: Adolescent, Appearance Satisfaction, Self-esteem, Satisfaction with School Life

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