Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2016;22(4):672-685.
Published online August 31, 2016.
효소와 콜라겐의 복합 섭취가 40~60대 중년 여성의 눈썹 육모에 미치는 영향
김정은, 강상모
The Effect of Combined Intake of Enzyme Food and Collagen on 40`s ~ 60`s Women`s Eyebrow Growth
Jung-eun Kim, Sang-mo Kang
This study was intended to investigate the effect of compound ingestion of enzyme food and collagen on growth and development of eyebrows. 48 middle-aged women in their 40~60s were classified into 4 groups as 12 women for a control group(Cont), 12 for an enzyme food group(E), 12 for a collagen group(C), and 12 women for a compound ingestion group(EC) and made them to intake 3 g of enzyme food for E group, 3 g of collagen for C group, and 3 g of enzyme food and 3 g of collagen for EC group at meal time in morning and evening. After 3 months, this study measured the length, thickness, number, density, and darkness of eyebrows of each group. After 3 months, the length of eyebrows(p<.001), thickness of eyebrows(p<.001), and number of eyebrows(p<.001) increased significantly for EC, and density of eyebrows decreased significantly(p<.001). The length of eyebrows(p<.01) and number of eyebrows(p<.01) significantly increased for E group, and the length of eyebrows(p<.001), thickness of eyebrows(p<.01), and number of eyebrows(p<.001) significantly increased for C group. The darkness of eyebrows significantly increased(p<.05) for Cont. group, but eyebrows of E group, C group, and EC group got thicker by 19.69%, 37.61%, 59.54%. Therefore, it was identified that compound ingestion of enzyme food and collagen makes positive effect on eyebrow growth of middle-aged women in 40~60s with declining digestive and absorbing capacity of protein.
Key Words: Aging, Middle aged women, Collagen, Enzyme Food, Eyebrow Growth, Eyebrow

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