Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2007;13(2):520-528.
발반사 마사지가 여대생의 생리통 및 월경전증후군 완화에 미치는 효과
Research Paper : The Effect of Foot Reflexology on Relieving Menstrual Cramps and Premenstrual Syndrome of Women`s University Students
Ju Youn Kim
Premenstrual syndrome is a common gynecological disorder which is experienced by more than 50% of female during the menstruation period and five to ten days earlier than the period in which women become easily tired and feel depressed or experience physical symptoms such as headache and stomach ache. These symptoms usually start at one`s late 10`s or early 20`s, and especially women in their 20`s complain more of the symptoms than women in other ages, and have stronger pains which become serious stress in their daily life. Suggested causes behind the symptoms are reported as psychological factors such as stress, character-related elements, and attitude to menstruation, physiological factors such as hormone imbalance, saline concentration, dietary factors such as nutritional imbalance, and nutritional factors such as lack in Vitamin and mineral intake. This research attempts to provide basic documents showing how to relive premenstrual symptoms through applying foot reflexology in a clinical situation while looking into menstrual cramps, premenstrual symptoms of female college students, and to present practical documents which can help giving a proper response to a periodic cycle of females. This is effect of foot reflexology on menstrual cramps and premenstrual symptoms showed following results. After subjects receiving foot reflexology, points in the menstrual cramps category decreased significantly, and points of behavioral changes(p<0.001), negative feelings (p<0.001), pains(p<0.001), concentration ability(p<0.001), water retention(p<0.001), autonomic nervous system responses(p<0.001), gastrointestinal changes(p<0.001), changes in skin(p<0.001) from premenstrual symptom category also showed considerable decrease(p<0.001).
Key Words: Foot Reflexology, Menstrual Cramps, Premenstrual Syndrome, Women`s University Students

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