Journal of the Korean Society of Cosmetology 2019;25(6):1396-1403.
Published online December 31, 2019.
진로적응성과 진로자신감의 관계에서 자아존중감의 매개효과
서미숙, 진병운, 박은준
Tmediating Effect of Self-esteem in the Relationship Between Career Adaptability and Career Confidence
Mi-suk Seo, Byung-un Jin, Eun-jun Pack
The purpose of this study is to improve the job environment and provide qualitative academic data for beauty workers by improving career adaptability and career confidence. The subjects of this study were set up for the hairdressers working in the seoul, Gyeonggi-do area. This survey was conducted from January 10, 2019 to march 10, 2019. A total of 800 questionnaires were distributed and 792copies were collected. Used as analytical 782data. Collected data were analyzed using spss 22.0 program. As a result of evaluating the validity and reliability of career adaptability, self-esteem and career confidence it consisted of three factors of career adaptability, career interest, career control and career aspiration. As a result of investigating the effect of career adaptation on self-esteem, the higher the factors of career interest career control and career aspiration the higher self-esteem. The higher the career confidence the higher the factors of career interest career control and career aspiration. As a result of the mediating effect of self-esteem in the relationship between career adaptability and career confidence the following is suggested you need to believe in yourself as valued person have a positive attitude toward yourself improve your confidence in your career improve career adaptability by overcoming challenges and maintain a positive attitude toward yourself.
Key Words: Career Adaptability, Career Confidence, Self-esteem

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